The Grape Organisation


​Fraternity quickly rose to prominence in the Australian music industry after forming in 1970. Led by bassist Bruce Howe, a hard taskmaster, alongside seasoned guitarist Mick Jurd, the group was synonymous with the quality of their live performances and their original material. Most well known for their lead singer Bon Scott (later of AC/DC), Fraternity also boasted some Australia’s finest musicians including; John Freeman (Drums), John Bisset (Organ), Sam See (Guitar & Piano).Fraternity claimed the title of Australia’s No. 1 band, emerging victorious at the 1971 Hoadley’s Battle of the Sounds. Fraternity are pioneers of pub rock, arguably the most famous genre of music to come out of the land down under. Fraternity and their management’s innovative concepts allowed the band to break new ground and boundaries, performing with symphony orchestras, conducting large extensive tours of country regions, becoming the first rock band accepted by and chosen to represent traditional arts organisations and frequent interstate touring schedules. Today, Fraternity are considered one of the most significant bands in Australian rock history.
The Grape Organisation
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